About Us & Our Yoga Retreats

Clover Norton

Founder of Synergy Jewellery, 

Synergy Experiences & meditation teacher.

Beautiful vegetarian food

Enjoy the delights of our expert chef 

Nina Gouviea

Accredited yoga & mindfulness teacher with over 14 years of experience running retreats.

Synergy's Affirmations

Love, Belief, Courage, Gratitude & Happiness

I would place these five words throughout five different points of my  home and by the time I was ready to leave the house, I would feel  better. 

Love, by my bedside table to remind me of the Love I already had, my son. 

Belief, on the bathroom mirror, Belief in a better future. 

Courage, on the fridge – be brave, come on you can do this! 

Gratitude, in the living room – at least I have a roof over my head and shoes on my feet.

Happiness, on the inside of the front door – smile big, fake it until you make it – as I walked out of the door…! 

Visualising these five words helped me take little steps to grow in confidence and get stronger every day. I hoped that by designing my jewellery and sharing this story I can help other women. 

Everyone can use these tools. These five humble words are inscribed for you in sterling silver on my jewellery. Wear  them  and may they be a visual reminder to help  you feel good and positive, every day. 

The Launch of Synergy Experiences

Now  I want to take this vision even further. After two years of working   closely with my customers, many of whom I have been fortunate to meet, I   realise how everyone relates to my 5 humble words, that somehow,  within  my own desperation I tapped into 5 major layers of life. They  are 5  affirmations that can empower you in every single way, it is a  simple  formula that anyone can master. The purpose of our retreats is  to create  a space, a safe sanctuary to reconnect, to cleanse,  nurture  and work softly on these affirmations and on our mind, body  & soul.


Tracey Amanda Worth reviewed Synergy Experiences5 stars

· Thank you so much for everything. The experience has turned my life around. It came at a time that I really needed inspiring and uplifting. And it has definately done that!!
The yoga class was the best I ever done. The massage was the best I've ever had. The healthy food was the best I've ever tasted.
The house and grounds and views are beautiful. The dogs a delight.
Thank you Clover Nina and Mandy.
Just done my 15 min yoga and 5min meditation. I'm now off shopping for all my new healthy ingredients for cooking great food.
I am happy.
I believe and have the courage to improve.
I am grateful to have had this experience.
I love. X 

Sarah Stevens reviewed Synergy Experiences5 stars

· I have with sadness come to the end of this retreat and it surpassed ALL my expectations, delicious healthy food inspiring yoga, Nina and Clover know what they are talking about in a non judgemental informative way!!!! Lovely women too!!
I am returning to the UK with encouragement and commitment to continue with what I have learnt. The accommodation is very comfortable, beautiful surroundings, dog friendly and traditional. 

Our Team

Nina   I  have been lucky enough to put together the team of my dreams for  Synergy Experiences.  Nina is amazing, and she is actually responsible  for enlightening and helping me on my own journey of self discovery,  Nina gave me tools that have helped me with my ups and downs throughout  the last 10 years. Nina has been running retreats for over 14 years and  has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Together we have meticulously  curated day and weekend retreat to truly inspire you and to give you the  best experience possible.  

Mandy our chef, has lived an extraordinary life  bringing up her children in Ibiza, Holland and Morocco.  I am  particularly impressed with her Spanish / Arab influences within her cooking and her stories delight me. 

We  are a vegetarian retreat as we really want to enhance your cleansing  experience and please don’t worry, you will not be hungry!

Locations and  Venues

Gaucin, Malaga, Spain   I  moved to Gaucin when I was 8 years old and I didn’t speak a word of  Spanish, in fact, I had never even been to Spain. We left our lives in  Notting hill and moved to this tiny mountain village of barely 800  habitants. My days were spent climbing rock faces, running from goats  and trespassing land to build dens. Gaucin holds a very special place in  my heart, not just for its breath-taking views over the Straits of  Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and Africa, but for its hospitality. As a  little girl I remember playing in the courtyard of Casa Nuez, (our next  retreat venue) and I actually sold my first Jewellery collection there when I was 12! This was at a Christmas fete which still continues every year to  this day. The truth is, despite the fact I have been fortunate enough to  travel all over the world there never has been a place quite so real,  dramatic and life affirming as Gaucin, and so for all of these reasons I  felt we should launch our retreats here. 

We look forward to  introducing you to this beautiful tiny corner of the world and it  becoming a special part of your journey too.

Lewes, Sussex, UK

Our retreat venue in Sussex seemed to find its way to us!  After an initial search for the perfect property (which did start to feel like a needle in a haystack) A friend of a friend came forth and advised us of this stunning property. The building has been made with much love and overlooks a beautiful private field with gentle views of the big trees beyond. Towards the end of the field there is a small private lake with a seating, around the corner you can find a lagoon with a little summer house and to the left we even have an outdoor fire pit to sit by. There are so many quirky inspiring spaces throughout the grounds we just knew it was the right place to inspire our guests. The house inside is modern with a really lovely homely feel to each room; there is much light pouring through every aspect of this house which translates well In all weather conditions, an important factor when choosing our venue for the UK!   

Before you decide, ask yourself this question?

Trust me, I know!  Everything is a priority, our children, our work, our partners, our  friends, our parents, our pets... Everything! 

You will return from our retreat feeling  empowered & happier, and you will have the tools to continue feeling like this at home.  And absolutely everyone around you will benefit from a stronger you. 

 Be good to yourself, you are so important. 

Love Clover x

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